4 Ways Businesses Fail/10 Steps to Succeed

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Ever wonder why it seems that you are struggling to make your business grow and be more successful while others seem to be doing so well?  Or are you just looking for some suggestions to help make your business run smoother?

Learn the 4 most common reasons that businesses fail – or F- L- O – P and how to overcome them:

  • Financial
  • Leadership
  • Operations
  • Planning

We’ll also discuss 10 steps to enure your business will succeed, including:

  1. Estimate for profit
  2. Manage job productions for profit
  3. Account for profit
  4. Analyze for profit
  5. Understand the profit cycle
  6. Define goals and set expections
  7. Create performance rewards
  8. Train a GOOD staff
  9. Create written procedures
  10. Communicate

Increasing profitability is a continuous cycle.  You need to be able to analyze jobs and refine your processes to make the next job even more profitable than the last.

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