Choosing QuickBooks and QuickBooks Add-On Software for Your Construction Business

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Whether you currently use QuickBooks or are thinking of using QuickBooks for your construction accounting package you need to be aware that QuickBooks, while a great software program, is a “generic” accounting program and will not do everything that you may need it to for your business by itself, unlike more expensive construction specific software.

If you are like most contractors, you probably do not think of yourself as a “computer hardware/software expert’ and turn this type of project over to someone else.  This unfortunately, is one of the major reasons that this type of project fails.

We hear about numerous IT type projects failing in talking with both customers and potential customers and we’ve identified, what we feel to be the most common reasons for failure below; first, we’ll list them and then discuss them more thoroughly in the article.

  1. Choosing the wrong people for the project.
  2. Poor requirement planning.
  3. Non-involvement of the owner.
  4. Lack of a rigorous selection and testing process.
  5. Weak training of employees.
  6. Limited budgeting.
  7. Inadequate time frame for implementation and training.
  8. Fear of change.

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