How to Fulfill Your Certified Payroll Requirements – Webinar Recording

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graphicCertified Payroll Reporting requirements can be overwhelming for most contractors, their office staff, and even the accounting professionals who support them. This often misunderstood requirement can lead to major problems; including denial of payment and even fines, penalties, jail time, contract termination, and disbarment in extreme cases. Don’t get caught in a payroll certification trap – learn the ins-and-outs of completing a certified payroll report!

When it comes to certified payroll and prevailing wage there are a lot of grey areas. Reporting requirements vary by state; many states have multiple agencies with different paper formats and/or require that certified payroll data be submitted via an on-line labor compliance program.  To say the least, certified payroll reporting is complex as well as labor intensive.

Variations of the How to Fulfill Your Certified Payroll Requirements – A Practical Guide to Compliance Webinar on CD has also been presented as a live monthly webinar via our main website for the last few years, as well as for Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC) and American Subcontractors Association, Inc. member, and subscribers to the Contracting Post/WPL Publishing Company, Inc./ConstructionPro Network on an ongoing basis.

This two hour webinar recording focuses on the requirements of the Federal WH-347 form, because sooner or later everyone will need to complete and submit this form – PLUS – once you understand how to complete this form you can take that knowledge and apply it to a State specific reporting format, and is broken down into five major sections:

  • What is Certified Payroll? The Basics
  • How to Comply with Labor Standards and Payroll Reporting Requirements
  • Completing a Certified Payroll Report
  • Common Methods for Creating Certified Payroll Reports
  • Automation

Our objectives are to help you learn:

  • Who makes the rules regarding certified payroll reporting requirements
  • What are prevailing wage requirements and where to find information
  • About various reporting requirements including Federal, State and electronic submission via LCPtracker, MyLCM, Elation Systems, and other on-line Labor Compliance programs
  • To Understand the Wage Decision
  • What information has to be reported on a certified payroll report
  • Various way in which Fringe Benefits can be paid – it’s not only in cash to the employee or to the Union
  • How to report how fringe benefits are paid
  • About the hazards of manually creating reports vs. automation

What’s included in the downloadable zip file:

  • Webinar Slide Deck – 56 pages with plenty of room to take notes while you are watching the recording
  • The 2-hour webinar recording
  • A sample wage decision
  • AND as a special bonus – our 82-page What is Certified Payroll Training Guide (normally $35.00 if purchased separately) which covers additional items relating to certified payroll/prevailing wage requirements.

Order your copy today!  $99.99  – NOW AVAILABLE AS A DOWNLOADABLE ZIP FILE.

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