VIDEO: QuickBooks Setting up/Creating a Scheduled Payroll Liability

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Setting up/Creating a scheduled Payroll Liability will help you keep track of when your payroll liabilities are due to be paid. However, it is often the step that we skip.

QuickBooks payroll tipsPayroll taxes, child support deductions, union dues deductions, health insurance – both employee deductions and company contributions are just a few of the items that are run through the QuickBooks payroll feature.  The money for these items must be sent to a 3rd party on behalf of the company or the employee and they all have a different date that they must be paid by.

The QuickBooks Payroll Center provides you with a “Pay Scheduled Liabilities” section to help you keep track of these important due date – but what if it’s not showing anything there?  It could be that you skipped setting up a payment schedule initially or that you’ve recently upgraded from an older version that didn’t have this functionality.

The video below, from our YouTube Channel will show you how to add these important liability dates after the fact – and it’s really pretty simple!



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