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Need help with QuickBooks in your commercial/government construction business?

Need QuickBooks training?  Drop us a line - tell us what you are looking for!We’re always looking for new topics (which means new training materials) that people like you want and need to have; in order to best utilize QuickBooks in their construction business.

QuickBooks® is a generic bookkeeping and accounting program, designed to be used by every type of business that you can imagine – that’s why there are so many resources on the web that will teach you to use it.  The problem with many of these resources is that they too are generic; while they may provide you with a tutorial on how to enter a vendor bill into QuickBooks – most of them don’t get into job costing.

If QuickBooks was industry specific, well it would have the same big price tag as many of the construction software programs!  Sure Intuit makes a “Contractor” version, but even then it’s designed to meet the needs of every type of contractor – from the handyman to the bridge builder.  Every type of construction contractor faces situations that are unique to their business!

If there is a certain task that you need to do in QuickBooks, can’t find an answer to anywhere, are frustrated beyond belief, and are just looking for some help – then our Suggestion Box may be just what you need!

Use the form below to submit a suggestion for QuickBooks training items that are of interest to you or your company – be specific!  The more details you provide, the better the training materials we can produce.


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