4/9/2014 QuickBooks for Contractors hangout – Time & Materials Billings

Google+ Hangouts, QuickBooks Training
This hangout is an addition to our popular QuickBooks Job Costing from A-Z Webinar, which was held on March 26, 2014, and discusses using Estimates and Progress Invoices when you have Time & Materials or Cost Plus jobs. When you have Time & Materials or Cost Plus jobs and want to use the QuickBooks Estimate function, there is an additional step that you'll need to do in order for your numbers to line up correctly in the Estimates vs. Actuals Report - tips and techniques are discussed in this hangout. Unfortunately, I've found that the screen sharing feature in the Google+ hangout doesn't capture all of the pop up windows in QuickBooks, so I've put together an article that includes screen shots of the windows that weren't captured during the…
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