QuickBooks Group Items

QuickBooks Tips, Techniques & Work Arounds
  QuickBooks provides you with a powerful tool within your Item List, which is often under used, the Group Item. Creating and using Group Items will allow you to quickly and easily enter several items at a time on Estimates, Invoices, Purchase Orders; reduce the risk of "leaving something out" when you are creating an Estimate; and best of all, allows you to bridge the difference in units of measure to buy and sell products or materials. QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2012 and older versions allow you to have 20 items within a group.  QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2013 has increased that limit to 50 items, read more about QuickBooks 2013 - Group Item Limit increase on the QuickBooks for contractors blog. Learn about the benefits of using Group Items. Request your copy of…
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