VIDEO: How to Create a QuickBooks Portable Company File

QuickBooks Training
  A QuickBooks Portable company file (.qbm) is a compact version of your company data file that contains ONLY your financial data, and because it is much smaller than a backup (.qbw) it can be sent by email or saved to portable media. A QuickBooks portable company file contains only the financial data for your company.  Unlike a backup file, it doesn't contain related files such as letters, logos, images, and templates.  It also doesn't contain a transaction log (.tlg file), which can be used to restore transaction data with the help of Intuit Technical Support if damage or loss occurs. You can use a portable company file whenever you need to move your company financial data to another computer or location or send it to another person. Another benefit…
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Important Facts About Items Left as “Billable” in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Tips, Techniques & Work Arounds
  I’m sure you’ve all gotten used to seeing that funny little Invoice icon on timesheets, the enter bill and write checks window and don’t even pay attention to them anymore. Are you aware though that if you leave that little invoice icon active and don’t “x” it out that the information relating to that transaction line is stored within your QB file in a separate “waiting to be billed” data base just taking up space and therefore making your file larger than normal and causing your file to run slower? It’s true. Leaving the invoice icon active tells QB that you want to pass this cost on to your customer through the Time & Costs section of Invoicing. And unless you do time & materials type billing this is…
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