1/8/2014 QuickBooks for Contractors hangout-Job Costing Reports

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QuickBooks generates a lot of Job Costing Reports - if it is set up correctly!  We'll look at some of them and discuss ways that you can calculate Over/Under Billings and WIP Reports from basic QuickBooks Job Costing Reports. 1/8/2014:  Links for items mentioned in the hangout: Job Cost Report with hours & Payroll Costs - https://www.blog.sunburstsoftwaresolutions.com/2011/06/20/create-a-quickbooks-job-cost-report-with-hours-payroll-costs Simple Over/Under Billings Report with % Complete instructions - https://blog.sunburstsoftwaresolutions.com/2014/01/10/quickbooks-tip-how-to-calculate-overunder-billings/ Watch the hangout recording:
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