2/12/2014 QuickBooks for Contractors Hangout – A Tale of Two Certified Payroll Processes

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This hangout introduces Molly Manual and Amy Automation - two payroll clerks who are doing the same payroll and certified payroll processes - but in VERY different ways! Molly uses QuickBooks to enter employee time process payroll but is completing all of the Certified Payroll, EEOC, Dues and Fringe Benefit Reports using Excel spreadsheets. Amy uses TSheets to handle employee time tracking, QuickBooks to process payroll and Certified Payroll Solution to do all of the Certified Payroll, EEOC, Dues and Fringe Benefit Reports. This hangout discusses efficiency, time, and costs of these two very different methods of completing the same task. Watch the hangout recording: Downloads: Slides from the hangout Sample Union Dues and Fringe Benefit Reports Links: Learn more about TSheets - Learn more about Certified Payroll Solution
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VIDEO: Batch Timesheet Entry in QuickBooks 2012

  Need a productivity boost?  Try the Batch Timesheet Entry feature in QuickBooks 2012 to enter hours for multiple employees (or Vendors) at the same time. Entering employee time in the Weekly Timesheet in QuickBooks is a painstakingly slow process, especially if you have a lot of employees - QuickBooks 2012 solves "some" of that with the new Batch Timesheet Entry feature, but it's still not perfect or very flexible. Entering timesheets for multiple employees or vendors all at the same time will be a huge productivity booster for some companies - but only in very specific situations. All employees {or Vendors} must: Work on the same Job Be costed to the same Service Item Be paid under the same Payroll Item Work the same hours each day These requirements…
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