VIDEO: QuickBooks® for Contractors hangout 7/17/2013

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This is the recording of the QuickBooks® for Contractors hangout held on Wednesday July 17, 2013.  Our hangouts are usually held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month and can be accessed on the Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. Google+ page.  Everyone is free to watch the hangout live on our Google+ page, our YouTube Channel or be invited into the live hangout – which hold a maximum of 10 people; so it’s first come – first served.

During this hangout we discussed:

  • Prevailing Wage Determination and how to read them
  • how to calculate fringe benefit amounts
  • a tool to use to create a pdf
  • QuickBooks 2013 R8 maintenance release
  • corrupt QuickBooks files
  • basic QuickBooks file maintenance
  • and more

Watch the recording of our live hangout for all this and more.

The pdf of the PowerPoint slides containing sample wage decisions and calculations shown in the video can be downloaded by clicking here.

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Will you be joining us for our next hangout on Wednesday August 14, 2013?