What’s New in QuickBooks 2013 – A Special Google+ Hangout

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Intuit has just announced the release of QuickBooks 2013 (today – 9/10/2012) and I’m inviting you to join us LIVE for a special QuickBooks for Contractors Hangout on Google+  for a preview of QuickBooks 2013.  This event will be held on Wednesday September 12, 2012 from 5-6 p.m. EST.  If you can’t make the live event, you can watch it on our YouTube Channel at your convenience – because we’ll be recording this special event.

What's New in QuickBooks 2013-PreviewWhile there are not many new program features, QuickBooks 2013 looks significantly different from prior versions.

I’ve been actively involved in working with QuickBooks 2013, as an Alpha and a Beta tester, since the end of June.

According to Intuit, this year, a top request that they heard from customers like you was to make the product easier to use so you could work more efficiently – no additional features, just a better experience.  As Intuit began planning for the release of QuickBooks 2013, they determined that updating the look and feel was a key way to deliver on their objective to make QuickBooks easier to use.  They felt there was an opportunity to remove some of the complexity and clutter while also creating more consistency across the product.

They were very deliberate about the design decisions they made because they understand how critical QuickBooks is to the small businesses that depend on them.  For example, they wanted to put more focus on the places you do most of your work – like forms, centers, and registers – so they made those areas of the product brighter while using dark colors in the left navigation and top icon bars.  And they increased font sizes selectively throughout QuickBooks 2013 to draw attention to key fields, such as invoice details and totals. They even worked closely with customers during the process to ensure the changes would help improve ease and efficiency.

Did they succeed?  Join us to find out!  But first, here’s a sneak peak of the redesigned Home Page & new Left Navigation!

QuickBooks 2013 redesigned Home Page & Left Navigation
Right click on the image to enlarge it

How to join our Google+ hangouts:

  1. You’ll need a free gmail (email) account – sign up here
  2. Once you have the gmail account – create a Google+ profile page (here’s a How-To from MakeUseOf
  3. Find my business page, Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc., add me to your “circles” AND leave a comment on my business page indicating your interest in this special hangout

Important information about Google+ hangouts:

  • Only a total of 10 people can be “live” in the hangout
  • I need to “invite” you to join
  • If the hangout is full, you can watch it live on our Google+ page and leave questions or comments (we’ll be monitoring our page and watching for questions)
  • If you can’t attend the live hangout or watch it live – you can watch it at your convenience on our YouTube Channel.


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