Hiring Computer and/or IT Consultants

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With computer technology becoming more complex and sophisticated, many business owners are hiring independent computer/IT consultants to update their existing computer systems and ensure that their business has the tools and training needed to run smoothly and efficiently.

The question is, as a business owner who is confused about more complex and sophisticated computer hardware and software — HOW do you find a GOOD computer/IT consultant?

We deal with “computer/IT consultants” every day – and believe me when I say – it seems like most of them know absolutely nothing about Microsoft best practices when it comes to Windows Vista, 7 or 8 and why creating a Standard User Account in these versions is a recommended…because they call us for free “support” (which is really training) while they are charging you (our customers) for their time. It’s incredibly frustrating to say the least!

This article provides:

  • Tips for finding a good consultant
  • Questions to ask the prospective computer/IT consultant
  • Questions they should be asking you

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