Payroll Deduction Authorization form- Word format

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Payroll management isn’t an easy task and certainly involves more than just getting paychecks distributed in a timely manner.   One area that businesses seem to have a hard time with is putting a plan in place to ensure payroll deduction authorization forms are properly collected and errors are prevented.  Payroll deduction authorization forms are a must if you are taking money out of an employees paycheck for anything other than required payroll taxes.  Yes, I know – more paperwork!  You can implement a simple system in which the authorization forms can be numbered as they come in and a log may be maintained to help keep track of the forms.  QuickBooks can help you to automate this process and even help you store this information electronically by attaching the authorization form to the employee record.

Payroll deduction authorization forms should be completed, signed and kept on file for each employee who has money taken out of his/her paycheck for anything other than permissible withholding taxes.  Yes, it’s more paperwork and yet another task that an already busy payroll clerk needs to perform – BUT – QuickBooks can help you automate this task by using the tools that are built right into the program!

Also, be sure to let employees know when the deductions will take effect. Generally, deductions would activate during the following payroll processing period after they were received.

Our Payroll Deduction Authorization form is in Word format so you can tweak it to meet your needs.

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