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This is mostly a fee-based support and training  site designed specifically for commercial/government construction contractors who use QuickBooks® for their bookkeeping and accounting needs, their bookkeepers, and the accounting professionals who support them.  This support and training site provides answers and techniques that are not available in the QuickBooks® Help file or even  QuickBooks® conferences designed for accounting professionals.

Construction is an extremely broad term – and includes everyone from your local handyman to a contractor who builds roads and bridges on our nations highways.  Because your construction business is unique – it goes without saying that your bookkeeping and accounting requirements will be different as well.

because money doesn't grow on treesWith the economy and company budgets being what they are, many contractors are leaving behind their costly high-end construction specific accounting programs and are switching to QuickBooks® because of its reasonable cost and ease of use – but once they start working with it, they discover many shortcomings and become frustrated.  These same contractors are also disappointed by the many accounting professionals who think that EVERY contractor will use the same QuickBooks® Chart of Accounts or Items List.

We know that’s just not true!  No two contractors, even two plumbers or electricians, need or want to track the same things in the same manner.

In our experience, we’ve found that anyone can say that they “know” QuickBooks® – but when you start talking about government funded construction projects, prevailing wage, Certified Payroll, AIA Billing, retainage, weighted-average-overtime, getting equipment costs into job costing reports, etc. – you begin to see their eyes glaze over and you feel like you are doomed. We deal with that everyday – even from many of the QuickBooks® Experts.

In their defense, it’s not their fault.  There aren’t a lot of resources available to learn how to set-up and use QuickBooks® in the commercial/government construction industry.  Most of the information that is available is either geared toward home builders/developers or your local handyman and they’ve pretty much become brainwashed into thinking that there is only one way to do things.  That’s why we’ve developed this website and the training materials you’ll find here.

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