WOW the response to Learn to use QuickBooks in your construction business has been overwhelming!

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In the middle of December 2012, I made an announcement here that I would be moving many of our QuickBooks for contractors related eBooks and article here from our main website (I spent my break between Christmas and New Year’s doing just that – I couldn’t believe how many things I had buried on our main website!)  Your response to this website has been overwhelming!  People have been downloading anywhere from 1-1o QuickBooks related training resources at a time!

downloadAnd I’m not through adding new/updated content yet!

As I was moving all this “stuff” I found several eBooks and articles that were REALLY in need of updating, and I’m working on doing just that!  These are just some of the items you can expect to see arriving over the next several months:

  • a Certified Payroll Training Exercise – where we’ll provide you with some payroll information and teach you how to fill out a sample certified payroll report
  • Setting up Payroll Items – an eBook that discusses how to set up a payroll item list in QuickBooks if you work on prevailing wage jobs
  • Accruing Sick, Vacation & Comp time – there are times that the built-in QuickBooks sick and vacation tracking just doesn’t cut it (especially if you are a non-union contractor working on prevailing wage projects and have to show that you are taking credits for these items)
  • How to track Subcontracts and other committed costs in QuickBooks (part of a larger job costing series)
  • How to track Subcontractors Worker’s Comp
  • The High Cost of Payroll – how to determine how much it REALLY costs you to have “Joe” work for you
  • Ways Contractors Pay Prevailing Wage Fringe Benefits – an in-depth look at the various ways that contractors pay the fringe benefit portion of prevailing wage, how to set QuickBooks up to handle each method, and how to display this information on your final reports.

Thank you so much for making me feel that the amount of time and effort I put into this website and it’s content are worthwhile!  And remember, if you have a Construction based QuickBooks training topic that you’d like to see featured here – submit it through our Suggestion Box page!

Nancy Smyth, Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc.