eBook: Payroll Mistakes. It’s Not As Easy as 1-2-3!

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Payroll is an essential part of your business – not just a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly annoyance. Payroll is the primary way that employees are rewarded for good job performance and retained. If you are issuing late or incorrect paychecks, it can lead to dissatisfied, unmotivated workers – or worse. It’s hard to keep good employees when a company gets the paychecks wrong.

payroll mistakes eBookThe relationship between employees and employers is highly regulated by the government and many of these regulations involve payroll. There are literally hundreds of things that you have to know, as well as, hundreds of mistakes that you can make. As a result, the process is much more complicated than anyone who has never done it can possibly know.

The consequences of some mistakes can be more serious than just your paychecks simply being incorrect. Many mistakes result in getting a very hard time from people you don’t know (and certainly don’t want to know) – the federal and state enforcement types.

In this 19-page eBook we will discuss 20 of the most common payroll mistakes, when they usually occur:

  • During the hiring stage,
  • During the paycheck run,
  • At year end, and
  • General/Miscellaneous errors

—and how you can avoid them.

Please don’t think that your business is too small, too local, or too simple to have to comply with all these constantly changing federal and state rules and regulations. Thinking that “None of This Applies to Me” is dangerous – so, don’t fool yourself.

Assume that you must comply until you are definitely told otherwise. If you aren’t sure ….. pick up the phone, make some calls and ASK!

If you are unfamiliar with payroll requirements, this eBook is for you.
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Purchase your copy of the Payroll Mistakes – It’s Not As Easy As 1-2-3! for $6.95.

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