VIDEO: How To Make Your QuickBooks Customer:Job List More Meaningful

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The QuickBooks Customer:Job records hold a lot of important information, project information, customer types, job types, job descriptions, start dates, and many other things as well.

The QuickBooks Customer Center provides you with the ability to track your Customers (project owners, awarding authorities, or general contractors) that you perform work for.

Customers, jobs, and change orders in QuickBooksFor each Customer you can then track the various Jobs (projects) that you are working on for that specific customer.

For each Job that you are working on you can also track Sub-Jobs (your Change Orders or Extra Work orders) that are specific to the original job.

QuickBooks offers you two different ways in which to view your Customer:Job List.

  • One view will allow you to look at the details (Estimates, Invoices, and Payments) for a specific job – which is really helpful.
  • The other view is a “List” view, that displays information about your customers and jobs in a List with columns for additional information.

Did you know that BOTH of these views can be customized to hold additional information that is found within the various tabs of the Customer and/or Job Record?  How cool is that???

Rather than run an entire aging report and then searching for the correct Job and Invoice, if you customize the information displayed in the columns for a single job – all you have to do is go to that Job record and aging information is right there!

Let’s say that you want to see the Start Date on a bunch of new jobs that were added to QuickBooks recently – switch to the list view, customize the columns to display the Start Date, and then sort by the Start Date!

Watch this YouTube video to see how easy it is to customize what information displays in both views, it’s so much easier to see it done than it is to try to write down the necessary steps!  I set each view to display different information and then I can easily switch between the views to quickly get the information I want 🙂

The next time you boss or your client says – “how old is that last invoice we sent to Customer X for Job Y”; you can have that answer in just a couple of mouse clicks!

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